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3 Vision Tips For PC Gamers

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Gaming can be a great way to relax after work or on your day off. And even if a gaming console is an expense that you’re not interested in, PC gaming is very accessible to most people who own a computer for personal, professional, or educational use. However, if you spend a lot of hours on your home PC playing games, you may start to experience signs of eyestrain, like headaches, visual disturbances, and sore or tired eyes. Read More»

The Styes Have It: How To Treat Eye Styes At Home

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If you have a reddish bump on the inside or outside eyelid, it could an eye stye, caused by a bacteria called staphloccocal. You may experience difficulty blinking or watering eyes, but styes aren’t commonly harmful to your vision. They often go away on their own with treatment in several days. When eye styes seem to linger, here are some home remedies you can try. Apply a Warm Compress Applying a warm compress four to six times daily for about fifteen minutes helps reduce swelling, and pus. Read More»

Enhancing Your Vision And Securing Your Health - Advantages Of Advanced Cataract Surgery

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The aging process can be difficult to handle under even the best of circumstances, but if your vision begins to be limited by cataracts, you may find new challenges arising. Indeed, maintaining sharp vision is often the most difficult challenge that many elderly people face, but it’s also often one of the most vital because of the way it affects your dealing with the world. Luckily, new technologies and techniques offer an opportunity to secure your vision without a struggle. Read More»

So, Your Kids Want Contacts, Huh? Two Things Parents Need To Know

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Children who wear glasses may get teased at school. Even if they aren’t teased, they may get tired of having to wear glasses. Whatever the case may be, they may be bugging you about contacts. As a parent, you may be skeptical. You may not think they’re ready. Well, here are a couple of things you need to know.  1. Your Child Can Probably Handle Them. Studies report that children between eight and eleven years of age are normally mature enough to wear contacts. Read More»

All You Need To Know About Lasik Surgery

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If you have vision problems caused by astigmatism, myopia or another problem, then you may need to wear prescription glasses or contacts in order to see correctly. If you are tiring of needing to rely on these forms of treatment for vision correction, then you may be a good candidate for a more permanent treatment and that is Lasik surgery. To learn more about Lasik surgery, how it is done and what it has to offer you, it’s a good idea to read the information offered here. Read More»

Don't Let Age-Related Macular Degeneration Take Away Your Vision

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Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the eye diseases you may encounter as you get older. It is a slowly progressing disease that may affect your vision before you experience any other symptoms. Here are the facts about AMD and how to prevent it from stealing away your vision. Two Forms of AMD With both types of AMD, your retina can be damaged so it no longer responds to light. Read More»