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All You Need To Know About Lasik Surgery

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If you have vision problems caused by astigmatism, myopia or another problem, then you may need to wear prescription glasses or contacts in order to see correctly. If you are tiring of needing to rely on these forms of treatment for vision correction, then you may be a good candidate for a more permanent treatment and that is Lasik surgery. To learn more about Lasik surgery, how it is done and what it has to offer you, it's a good idea to read the information offered here.

Lasik eye surgery is an outpatient procedure

Lasik eye surgery can be completed in less than an hour and this includes having both of your eyes done. You will need to bring someone with you to drive you home and you won't want to drive until you are cleared at your post op appointment, this is usually scheduled for a day or two after you have the procedure done.

During the procedure you will be given drops to numb your eyes so you won't experience any pain. Some of the layers of your cornea will be lifted back to expose the cornea underneath and it will then be reshaped to correct your vision. The layers will be put back in place where they will reattach themselves. During the reattachment period it may feel as if you have an eyelash in your eye.

You will have a very short recovery period

During the recovery period you should only need an over-the-counter pain reducer if you do experience a slight amount of pain. You will also be sent home with several eye drops. One will be to keep your eyes comfortable, another will be to speed up the healing process and another will be to prevent any type of infection. You should feel much better each day with a noticeable improvement in your vision.

You will have permanent results

The goal of Lasik surgery is to help you to correct your eye vision so you no longer have to rely on corrective lenses in order to see correctly. This means you will be able to wake up and go about your day just as you did before you had problems. You can wear sunglasses, makeup and protective headgear without worrying about prescription glasses getting in the way. For these reasons, Lasik eye surgery is a great option if you choose to go through with it.

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