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Enhancing Your Vision And Securing Your Health - Advantages Of Advanced Cataract Surgery

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The aging process can be difficult to handle under even the best of circumstances, but if your vision begins to be limited by cataracts, you may find new challenges arising. Indeed, maintaining sharp vision is often the most difficult challenge that many elderly people face, but it's also often one of the most vital because of the way it affects your dealing with the world.

Luckily, new technologies and techniques offer an opportunity to secure your vision without a struggle. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of advanced cataract surgery, providing you with the confidence to move ahead with a procedure that may end up truly changing your life for the better.

Astigmatism Correction

In traditional cataract surgery, the cataract is merely broken up to allow your eye to return to its previous state. For many people, this includes an astigmatism that may complicate daily vision and still result in the use of corrective lenses.

Rather than seeking out a separate procedure to address astigmatism, advanced cataract surgery can allow you to address two birds with one stone. Choosing to have just one procedure can be great for your recovery schedule and also much easier on your eye, as you won't be faced with sitting through a medical procedure twice.

Comfort and Painlessness

While no one wants to live with cataracts, one of the primary reasons people avoid treatment is a fear of the associated pain. The eye is an extremely sensitive area, and without proper training and technology, it can be very uncomfortable to have a procedure done.

Your advanced cataract surgeon, however, should be able to provide you with substantial relief from those fears. Advanced cataract surgery was designed to be minimally invasive and free of pain, and in many instances you won't even have to worry about stability. A comfortable jaw rest and gentle lid holder should provide relief, allowing you to relax and let your eye's natural reactions take over.

Blended Vision

Some change in eyesight as a result of aging is largely unavoidable, but the wonder of the human brain can combine with medical science to make the process much easier. Your surgeon, such as at Northwest Ophthalmology, will be able to enhance your blended vision, repairing one eye for focus on distances and the other for focus on intermediate objects. This will allow your brain to smoothly adjust between the two, decreasing your reliance on corrective lenses and guaranteeing an expansion of your independence.