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3 Tips For Making Sure That Your Glaucoma Eye Drops Are As Effective As Possible

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Glaucoma can be a frustrating disease because it causes a level of pain that can be distracting. One of the easiest ways to reduce this distraction is to reduce the pressure that is currently in the eye through the use of prescription eye drops. For the vast majority of people, using eye drops is enough to allow them to continue to function normally in their day-to-day lives as long as they take the medication correctly. This can be difficult for two reasons. The first is that people might simply not be able to afford the eye drops and will therefore not take them for the length of time for which they are prescribed. Another reason is because people simply forget to put the eye drops in until they start to feel discomfort. Here are some tips for avoiding these two obstacles.

1. Figure Out Which Eye Drops Are Covered By Insurance

Many insurances will offer coverage for prescription medications. You should be able to get at least partial coverage for medicated eye drops, even if you don't have vision insurance. There are several different types of glaucoma eye drops, including prostaglandin analogs and beta blockers. Check with your insurance to see which types of medication are covered.

2. Talk to Your Pharmacy

If you don't have coverage for prescription medications, talk to your local pharmacy. They may have generic options that will put the medication within your price range, have special programs for people who need medication but can't afford it, or even have suggestions for temporary insurance plans to go on in order to get coverage for the medication you need. Pharmacies have a lot of practice helping people who can't afford medication.

3. Set a Timer on Your Phone

Many of us aren't separated from our phones for more than a few minutes each day. Set a timer on your phone for when you're supposed to use your eye drops to help you remember. Eventually, you won't even have to use the timer anymore as taking the medication gets built into your daily routine.

4. Take Your Eye Drops Directly After Performing a Part of Your Daily Routine

If you do something every day, like eat breakfast, take a shower, or brush your teeth, consider pairing up taking your eye drops with this activity. It will help you remember to take them.

For more information about financial help for getting your glaucoma eye drops, or for tips about remembering to take them, talk to an optometrist (such as one from North Central Eye Associates Inc) today.